Help Yourself In Life (Work On Yourself)


A fallen spider.


Fight the important battles every single day. Throughout life, the challenges we’ll face will either test our limits or make us piss our pants. We have many options to evade fights by our endless made up excuses, nevertheless, you must certainly flee from such fear and excuses. Fear is simply the boogeyman, not your friend. Fear is also sometimes good for you which I’ll explain in a future post, but let us not get side-track on the topic of fear.

Throughout one’s journey, there are many trials we must undergo. Trials that will test our capabilities to either succeed in life, grow spiritually, overcome temptation, conquering depression, facing your fears every single day, building self-confidence, and also to have faith that everything will work out no matter what.

At this point in life, start journaling your struggles in life. Journaling your weaknesses, struggles, and strengths will help you learn more about yourself. Write every single day in your journal, and start reading it so that it will help you overcome your trials. In order to win ever conflicts you face in your life, you must have a specific plan on how you’re going to win. Knowing is half the battle, as Duke would say from G.I. Joe.

If you’re a fan of Marvel, you’d know by now that most of the superheroes have a plan to defeat their greatest foes. In order to defeat your enemy, you must have a concrete plan. Make a guide on how you’ll get through your depression, addiction habits, and your negative outlook on life.

You always have control over yourself but not your circumstances. When you take full control over yourself, you’ll be able to move mountains that you never thought you’d move.

Simple Steps

  1. Read The Bible (KJV)/ Pray
  2. Read some self-help books on building yourself up
  3. Focus on building up your hobbies
  4. Learn more about yourself every stinky day (Take good care of yourself because you’re beautiful, amazing and a wonderful piece of art).
  5. Start writing in your journal every single day on what’s good and bad about your life. If you’re not where you are in life, then focus on writing down a plan to improve your life.
  6. Learn how to sing one song that you personally love. Memorize the whole lyrics and start singing the song to yourself.
  7. Start speaking positively about yourself every single day. Don’t allow yourself to feel incompetent or inferior.

At the end of the day, you’re the only person who can help yourself.



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